Effective typography

There are several features in context to typography that need to be kept in mind by every graphic designer to produce the best possible content on the site. Here are some of the most critical ones.

  • Uniformity or Consistency: Ensuring the consistent utilisation of typefaces,leading, kerning, bullets and other formatting options is extremely important.It allows the content toappear professionally sound and grabs the attention of the readers quickly.
  • Hierarchy: The graphic designers should try their best to put up the content in an order they want it to get read by the audience. Since the title is the main thing that attracts the reader, one should ensure to craft it smartly. Guide the reader through the entire content of the story firmly and make sure that they stay interested to read the whole of it. If the author is an already celebrated one, you can surely place his name on the cover in bold letters. This will swiftly grab attention of the readers.
  • Significance of alignment:This is an element that helps the designer to display the content in a unified manner. It offers a stronger edge line to the piece and keeps the readers engaged right till the end. Left or right-side alignment gives a more organised and sophisticated touchas compared to the centre alignment. Donot work like a novice and build content that appeals like a professional.

Also, if you are hiring a typography professional for your content, ensure that you review his or her work before sending the content of publishing. In case you are not convinced and happy with the piece, feel free to share with them and never compromise as it will hamper your reputation as well as business.

Guidelines to follow for appropriate typography:

To be good at typography while being a leading graphic designer is quite challenging. One needs to make sure that the content they are placing on the web is catchy enough without being too loud. Here are some rules that you must follow before trying your luck in typography.

  • Be clear on the basics: It is highly important for you to understand the basics of typography. In case you are not too sure of what it is, you might end up considering it as a very simple technique. This science of using words plays a significant role in making your designs more relevant and trendy. Go through the main principles of typography and be open to learn from professionals.
  • Concentrate on kerning: As a graphic designer, it is crucial for you to ensure that two letters in a font have correct space between them. In case there is any less or extra space between the letters, the word would start looking abrupt and fail in its purpose. Ensure that the spacing is correct and allows the reader to read the word easily.
  • Pick the right font: Remember that every font tells a story. You cannot end up sharing any sad news using a funny or comic font. This will make you appear like an immature, thus hampering your work standards. This is why the primary and secondary font should be chosen carefully.
  • Write in the correct font size: If you, as a graphic designer, miss the opportunity of attracting the attention of the readers in the first go, trust me, you have lost half of the battle. It’s very important to make the readers notice your content as soon as they come across it. This can be done easily by using the correct font size. It should be appealing enough according to the content. The size may vary in different lines; however the consistency should be maintained.

Another thing all the graphic designers should always keep in mind is that there is no end to learning. They should always keep scrolling through different examples of typography to discover new ideas and use them in their designs. If you find a particular type of typography gaining good popularity, adapt it and use it in your work in a unique yet authentic style.